Subject: Re: Travel Light??? Doesn't seem possible.
Hello all,

>I purchase used paperback books and then give them to others, leave
>them in hotel lobbies, or, if necessary, toss them. This definitely
>brings the weight down.

I do this too. Before a trip, I head off to my favorite bargain paperback books thrift store (It varies from year to year.) There I collect a few books for the trip and any spares, if I find them, for future trips. I try to save one for the flight back and get rid of the rest as I go. My last haul was 6 books for 1 dollar so I really don't care what happens to them.

The virtues of traveling light were really brought home to me on our way back from Rome in January. Though we have been known to expand our rollaboard and check it on the way home, we did not need to do that on this trip. Next to us was a couple who had two entire luggage carts full of stuff. They were pulled aside at the ticket counter and every single thing they had was inspected. Luckily, we were all in the line when the counter opened or I suspect they would not have made the flight.

If you don't travel light, keep working on it. Just think about how you will enjoy breezing through Customs while everyone else is still waiting for their luggage.

Happy travels, Janet Riverview, FL