Subject: Little Maps
Hiya... All this talk of guidebooks had me thinking about maps. Lots of the guidebooks have little maps in them but other than photocopying them or tearing out the page, you'd have to lug the book around with you if you wanted to have something handy for orientation. I have discovered these little popout pocket sized maps that I'm sure many of you already know about. They make them of the major cities all over the world and they are marvellous! I have one of London, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dublin already. You can get them in tourist info offices or bookshops and probably newsagent stands as well. They have a website

We found them really useful although i did discover they lack a bit of detail, mainly showing more of the main streets. I did get a little lost walking in London last fall and couldn't figure out where i was ... somewhere in Pimlico... But i walked through some really nice streets and found a pretty church while i was trying to figure out where i got turned around. Anyway, once i could see Battersea power station i knew where the river was so got straightened out soon after. Even so, they are still really handy and they also have some of the major sights marked on them as well as a street and attraction list on the underside. The one of London is a double map, with the center and over all plus insets of covent garden and a tube/bus map.

Well worth it!