Subject: Re: Travel Light??? Doesn't seem possible.
Ziners, We're big fans of the Eagle Creek Switchback bags - carry-on size with the zip-off daypack. We spent 3 weeks training through Europe last summer with just one of these bags each. It made those tight train connections possible! Various travel clothing purchased from Travelsmith, Magellan's, etc. worked great - especially the quick-dry underwear. With one bag each we (make that I) did lots of hand wash. My only disappointment was the CoolMax knit women's tee - it was uncomfortably warm in even mild weather. My husband loved the travel khakis with the hidden zip pockets. I also purchased a tiny travel-size roll of duct tape to stuff in the corner of my bag - it works great for minor repairs, lint removal, you name it! Pam in Sunnyvale, CA