Subject: Arezzo &Robuchon, Paris?
Hi Felice, Well, if we put our personal experiences together, we can guarantee that the Arezzo antique markets are open on the first weekend of the month - or at least, that they were at some time in the past few years! You have been there on Saturday, and I have been there twice on Sunday. The references that I can find say the first weekend - and I have a vague feeling that it might be the first Sunday of the month plus the day before (Saturday), whether that is the first Sat of the month or not. Does that make sense in an Italian sort of way? That is, it could be Sat 31 and Sun 1. But this may be all in my imagination. We need some local knowledge here, I think! Any Ziners in Arezzo? Not much good news around Robuchon either. Lunch there was one of the best meals of my life - and I've had a few great ones. Great theatre, as well as wonderful food. But the last I heard, Joel Robuchon, after spending squillions on fitting out the new restaurant, decided that he had had enough and closed the doors. Whether he simply took a sabbatical and is now back in business, I have not been able to confirm - but perhaps a Ziner who has been in Paris recently - or Juliette in Paris - could help with a status report? Also, Gavin should have some up to date restaurant reports on his return from France, in time for your September trip. Happy planning, Joan Melbourne, Australia