Subject: Returned from Spain and Paris
Hi Felice,

1) When I called for a reservation to Hotel Le Clement there were no front rooms available so I settled for a back room.

I asked for a two bedded room, long ago have I learnt that in France two beds are almost always together and that these rooms are larger than the ones with what the call le grand lit, which is small, big enough for one person, not for two.

2) Last Sunday night there were several rooms empty and I asked the night clerk to give me the keys, this is what I found:

We were indeed very lucky because we got the largest double room of those I checked. The matter in fact it was a nice room, #215, Rate was 113 without breakfast.

Buffet breakfast was 10 eu p/p, not bad , but being lovely days, sunny and warm we had breakfast often at Les Deux Magots,or else where. Besides we are the kind that has full lunch plus dinner and BB is too much anyway...

3)Rates and other rooms: The ones facing Rue Clement at 123 eu are a tiny smaller than our room, but very nice too.

The ones facing the street for 113 are way too small. You do not want one of them.

The ones facing one of the two tiny courts in the back for 105 are unacceptable...forget about those.

There is one room for three persons which I saw,I forgot the rate... may be it was 143, that is a small double room, plus some kind of a tiny little space with an extra single bed. Could be fine for a family...

4)Our room was nicely decorated with composee moquette+the cloth that covers the walls,+ the curtains. The large window also had clean white voile curtains. It was clean and well kept.

Had good lamps, with decent bulbs!!! safety box, closet, tv with CNN,BBC, RAI, Spanish and German channels plus local channels, AC, heat, two beds side by side, a desk, a place to put your luggage, a couple of chairs, and even a tiny hall as you got into the room.

It opened into one of the tiny, tiny courts. The courts are well kept, being decorated with some kind of trille, and a little, tiny parterre with bright floors in the bottom.

Of couse not much light coming in, but it was magnificently quiet.

Considering the price, it was a good deal, ah! I forgot the bathroom was very good, it had a window, with immaculate curtains matching the decorated tiles, the floor was in glazed tiles, had a huge mirror, good running water and a little basket with the usual goodies like bath gel, sewing kit, polisher for shoes etc.

I have to thank Linda for recommending us this hotel, we enjoy it a lot.... price-wise it was very good. ;-) THANK YOU LINDA, MERCI.

The area is lively! believe me, lot of things going on. There are many small bistros, several of them, some ( I think ) not good just to look at them, I might be wrong, we stick to Aux Charpentiers, a good , solid, French place with good food, and also enjoyed Le Palanquin at 12, rue Princesse, good vietnamese, quaint decoration, and a good marmite de riz au poulet, also good was the pho, the spicy soup.

Others looked bad, specially the so called Italians, we didn't even try them, except for one night that we were too tired to try anything else we tried the pizza (they have a wood oven) and pasta at Da Petro next to Aux Charpantiers. We ended up eating surrounded by people a little too abusive, but as it turned out by nice people, French and Americans and we all ended up laughing, what can you do if you can beat them join the way Gino my husband who as a good Italian is never happy with the pasta in restaurants out of Italy, liked his pasta......

Our first morning we tried for breakfast a pastry shop that serves coffee and juice, it is called Sarl Ledoux, at 12 rue de Mabillon, it was a holiday and it was empty but it was a disappointment, not that good, not as inexpensive as one would have thought after all it was a pastry shop with little ambiance... I feel it is better to go to a nice place like Les deux magots, with its marvelous service. There often for breakfast we shared a bagette sandwich delicious and only 6.40 ...and their cafe creme consist of two full cups. A lovely place, we all know.

Our best decision was to get the Carte Orange and jump in and out of buses all the time. The hotel is well located to get anywhere by bus. Also by metro of course.

To have one or two good glasses of fresh orange juice before showering we bought liters of it at Uniprix in the corner of Rue de Rennes.... by the way we bought most of the presents we brought home on boutiques around Rue du Rennes and also found in this street a reasonable hair dresser of the chain Louis David .

Note: the first day we were a little distressed because they were working in the halls on all the floors. Painting doors, ceilings, walls etc. The carpets about to be changed looked terrible. Fortunatelly for us being a week with two holidays they took the week off. No one worked while we were there.

Also on the negative side a couple of doors away there is a homeless house that I believe gives free lunches, the first day, only the first day (may be they took the week off too) there was a bunch of not so good looking guys dumped on the sidewalk)

Now I have a question: When Linda recommended us the Clement she gave me an internet site, which was British, that offered some kind of deal, their rates seemed to be a little on the lower side since they included breakfast. HOwever, I made the reservation directly to the Hotel by phone and e mail because I do not wish to end in any room, with no right to complain once everything is prepaid, and I believe I was right, at least I play it safe because we didn't get one of the tiny rooms that would have ruined our stay in Paris. However may be it is possible, to win it at both ends, getting a better deal through the British and also a good room, tell me how did you fare?

I wish to learn from your experience, Thank you.

Have a great time, bon voyage. Graziella Miami Beach