Subject: Info. on Nantucket needed
Hi -- We are thinking of a first-time trip to Nantucket and have some questions. First, is about 3 or 4 days enough to do most things there? We plan to take our car, so will have to pay the ferry/car fee, which is probably high (we will probably either enroute to Maine or coming home from Maine, so don't want to leave it parked somewhere), so want to stay long enough to justify cost of taking car over. Also, is June (either just before June 22 or just after June 29) a good time to go? Any other good times? (I assume that midsummer is horridly crowded). We are thinking of staying at Anchor Inn B and B just because a long time ago we both read the Gilbreth family (of Cheaper by the Dozen fame) book about 2 members of the family starting that same b and b back in the 50's. Have any Ziners stayed there or do you have other favorites? What are must-do's there. Thanks for your help. Cheers, Pat in Baltimore