Subject: Cinque Terre - Vernazza (Gianni Franzi)
Hi Ziners

Responding to Mary from MO's post about Trattoria Gianni Franzi. I stayed there on my Rick Steves Tour last June. Rick's tours use this accommodation a lot so rooms may be at a premium! I had a lovely single room (using a shared bathroom in the hall). Great character, with a window out to the terrace and views to the ocean. *Lots* of steep stairs outside up the mountain to get up to the room then narrow stairs internally in the building. I loved my room :) so the stairs are just a warning to *pack light*. My bag was one to carry on my back so I had no troubles. I loved the character of the whole town/accommodation/waterfront.... :) And we had our first Vernazza dinner at his restaurant and it was delicious! Amazing pesto lasagne :) but the dessert blew my socks off - tasted like 150% proof in the sponge!

Contact details from my tour notes/his business card:

Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy - Trattoria Gianni Piazza Marconi 5 19018 Vernazza Italy Ph: +39-0187-821-003 Fax: +39-0187-812-228

Can't remember the rates but could look it up tonight if someone wanted it? :) Megan Brisbane, Australia