Subject: RE: MacDonalds
Hello Fellow Big Mac Eaters:

I am loathe to go to a MacDonalds in any country but my own (and even then rarely but I have to admit that they were a traveling staple when we used to drive to ski areas at ungodly early hours), but while traveling with a Brit in Ciudad Guyana he insisted that we stop at one for a burger and coffee. I don't think I was surprised that it was spotlessly clean, but I was delighted by the attention to cleanliness that the staff showed. It employed a good number of local teens and they were attentive. If there was a spill, it disappeared in seconds. I think that Mickey D's was probably good training for the teens that were there. The french fries were as good as they are here. The coffee was better. I have another friend who rates countries on their french fries. McDonalds is his standard. Few meet it. Oh well, to each his or her own.