Subject: Nantucket
Any time is good in Nantucket. Might be a little too cold to swim. Car is OK but not necessary. If the Inn is in town it is much better. Walking or biking is the most fun means of transportation. There is also an hour tour in a little bus that is very good for first timers and then you can go back to see what you like. In the town of Sconcet there is a fabulous walk in back of all the houses facing the ocean side. The trail is a public way that the homes have provided. The downtown is nice to walk around and browse. There is some local theatre that is at times very good. There are great bike trails all over the place and it is pretty flat and easy to get around. There are taxis or buses to take you anywhere you want. If you stay in Nantucket town you can walk to about every restaurant and go down the piers and see big yachts and their way of life at night (dining and being served by chefs, etc.). Also watching the sunset in some of the beaches is spectacular. Have a good time.

Cheers! Ali and George