Subject: museums that you have especially liked
Two museums for you that really stand out for me, at least one of which I bet few of you have visited (because it only opened a month ago)

Geneva: The International Red Cross museum. One of the most imaginatively curated museums I have ever visited. Both a tremendous in-depth look at the origins and work of the Red Cross together with some chilling exhibits on war and prisoners of war. It is an effort to get to as it is out of the city centre, but if you are in Geneva I would recommed this above all other attractions.

Duesseldorf: Yes, good old Duesseldorf has put itself well and truly on the cultural map with the opening of the Staendehaus. This is a remote extenstion of the city's major modern art gallery - the Kunstsammlung NRW. The two have been rechristened K20 and K21 (K = Kunst = art, 20 and 21 for the respective centuries). K21 (the new one) has work from 1980 onward, very modern art. The building is spectactular. It was destroyed during WW2, and then restored with a hideous new roof. The regional parliament used it until 1986 (i think), and then it fell into disrepair. Two years ago a new fantastic glass roof was built, marrying modern and 19th century architecture in an unusual but highly effective way. The musueum opened to great fanfare last month and finally we went to visit a couple of weeks ago. Inside it is a tremendous building, with a large central atrium from floor to roof and 4 floors of galleries around. There are only a few pieces in each room, usually from just one or two artists. Explanations are in German and English, although they do fall on the pretentious side of modern art in my opinion. However, they still provide some help in understanding each room.

So if you are ever passing through, make sure you head down and explore K21.

Jonathan London/Duesseldorf