Subject: museums that you have especially liked
London: The Museum of London describes the archeological and social history of London from Roman to 20th century. Shakespeare's Globe... dedicated to the reconstruction of the Globe and also to theatre history on the South bank. Lots of interactive displays, good tour throug the theatre itself.

I am a particular fan of small museums that feature unique or specialized things. There is a Dog Collar museum in Leeds Castle. I've also been to the Fan Museum in Greenwich, and the Hatworks Museum in STockport, near Manchester. I missed out on the Pencil Museum in Keswick, Lake District but i'll get there, also the Needle Museum in Redditch, UK where pins and needles were manufactured. Lots of these museums are small and don't take a lot of time to see but are still fascinating. I also have the Sir John Sloane's museum in London on my list in addition to the larger more well known art galleries and museums i've been to or hope to get to someday. Would love to hear of other odd ball unique places to see!