Subject: York, England, Question
There is a train that goes from Pickering up onto the moors (about a 2 hour ride up) to a small village and then goes back down later in the day. It's a lovely ride and goes through areas where the roads are scarce, so you see views and sights you would not otherwise see. Pickering is about 20 miles east of York on the Scarborough Road. Probably you could take a bus to Pickering, which is a lovely town to visit, and has a fantastic bakery on the high street. You could probably go to Pickering by bus one day, stay in a B&B or hotel, take the train as a day trip, and then even go on to Scarborough, which is a nice old seaside city. We lived for 4 months in the village of Thornton-le-Dale just 3 miles past Pickering about 9 years ago.

As far as getting information, I'm sure there would be an Information Office in York. Ask a travel agent if they can get you an email. Or try Google! Put UK York touring (minus the quotes) into the search on Google. I just did, and there are lots of entries.

Pat McKinney Orinda, CA