Subject: Museums that you have especially liked
I have to add to Tom's my love and preference for El Prado ;-) Not that I do not like some other quaint, interesting, smaller, museums such as the Frick, the Musee Jacquemart-Andre, the Soralla in Madrid, the Baron Thyssen's in LUgano, and others...but for me the Prado is unique.

It has been catalogued by James Michener as a family museum, a family Musem of the Kings and Queens of Spain and he adds never enriched by thef or expropriation. and I like this too.

Most of its paintings- I understand- having been acquired because some specific queen or king loved art and bought this or that painting.

I think it is fascinating to know that here there was no buying of already assembled collections or no robbing of museums in cites defeated by war. Anyway ,it is the magnificence of its paintings by Velazques, El Bosco,Goya, Ticiano..the way they are displayed, the space and light between them,

, ......well this is the one I love the most.

Graziella Miami Beach.