Subject: Never say Never climb a glacier
The last trip was to Patagonia--some of the same areas Pat and Bill visited. It was a tour of four, so the places we went were planned, although we had some flexibility. We had done the usual research and had collected many articles, including one from the travel section of the New York Times in which the writer told of his adventure climbing the Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina. He vividly described putting crampons on his hiking boots and walking up the 45 degree angles of the glacier.

On our trip was a stop in El Calafate with a trip to the glacier, but the description of the trip to the glacier said we were going to walk along it. We all read the article from the New York Times and laughed heartily asking who in their right mind (especially middle-aged American women in so-so physical condition) would put crampons on their shoes and climb a glacier?

You guessed it--the tour included a boat ride past the bottom of one side of the glacier to a place where you could either sit at the bottom of it and wait for everyone else or you could put crampons on and climb the glacier. We have photos to prove we were at the top of that part of the Perito Moreno glacier that we were never going to climb!

Lisa in Chicago