Subject: New Member Introduction
Forwarded by Moderator - Welcome Carole!

Hello all at Travelzine,

It is hard to know what kind of information I can offer about myself that would be considered totally relevant. Like anyone else approaching retirement I have had many interesting experiences some of which have come about out of travel. There have been two trips to Italy, one in '98 and the last, last year, when I was fortunate enough to stay for six months ('98, 4 and a half months). These trips have stimulated and expanded a pre-existing interest in photography, and a most unusal new interest in the Ancient Romans, their buildings, culture and way of life etc.

Earlier in my life, employed by a shipping line I was fortunate to travel to New Zealand (twice) and Fiji, which probably gave me the travel bug. Raising family intervened, but now I am freer to travel a little. I am hoping to return to Italy either at the end of this year or beginning of next to track down some Roman rocks and medieval church interests in both Abruzzo and Lazio. Just in the planning stage. The future may bring trips to England and France however these are only in the dream stage at the moment and would depend a lot on health, finances and whether I have completed my travel desires around Australia.

In general and apart from photography (no world beater), I have a passion for music, art, Tai Chi, health and social welfare (continue to advocate on behalf of people experiencing a disability), AND I love to dance, beach walk etc., and stimulate my educational passions as a member of U3A by being a participator in Philosophy groups and other subjects when available.

Regards, Carole Roach