Subject: Retirement
Hello Ziners, Thanks so much for your input regarding retirement. We will certainly take a look at your suggestions. I agree with Joan that leaving one's life behind would be impossible for us (family, friends and our beautiful and much loved country). However we would like to spend 3-4 months away from our winters in a warm and stimulating environment. We have been thinking of the southern US as we would like to drive from Alberta.

Regarding the radiation issue, it certainly is everywhere, however some of the isotopes have disappeared but others have extremely long half-lives and may still reside in southern Utah. Does anyone know of any scientific, objective studies of this area? I've seen many personal anecdotal websites but would also be interested in some independent non-subjective sites.

Having driven through southern Utah it looked very appealing especially for a winter stay. Thanks again for the great responses! Renata Calgary, Canada