Subject: Re: Never
Hi Kim,

Your Moscow-in-winter story is right in line with a discussion I had at brunch today. A friend was saying that he had visited Andorra and although he's glad he went, he would NEVER go back again. Now that he knows how scary the roads are, there is just NO WAY he would consider a return visit.

Don and I feel that way about a place we visited in southwestern France. Pierrette, I'm sure you remember that place! Remember when we missed the turn-off on the first night and Louis got stuck in the mud? We had to get out of the car to keep from sinking further into that morass and/or fainting from fear of going over the edge of the cliff!

I think this would be a terrific Zine thread! Let's hear about everybody's brushes with disaster and/or very negative traveling experiences. This would be the opposite side of WOW!

Cheers! Linda Toronto