Subject: Re: Moscow
Hi Kim

Ah those Russian winters will stay with you forever!

My memories are of days when it never got properly light - just a pale grey aroung 2pm. Of minus 20 degrees not really feeling that cold but being amazed at the water vapour in my expired breaths freezing instantly and sparkling in the pitch dark. And the distictly weird feeling of the hairs in my nose freezing!

One of my strongest memories from the 2 winters I spent there was the morning I was leaving to go to Vladimir and Suzdal with some English exchange students. It was 6am and we clambered over banks of greying snow to haul ourselves upon the clanking, hissing train at Leningradski Voxal. We were travelling 'hard' class (no first and second in this communist society!) and as we sat in the freezing carriage on wooden benches along came the woman selling morozhnye (ice cream!). You mentioned feeling like being part of Les Miserables - I felt like a walk on part in Anna Karenina!

Now I can wax lyrical for a very long time on this subject so just get me to a GTG and bring out the vodka!

Das vidanya Kim Sally