Subject: Re: Driving in France
Hi Paolo,

Our experience with the Peripherique two weeks ago might interest you. Driving back from Burgundy to CdG airport we took this road. All of us looking for signs to the airport. Suddenly seeing what we wanted my husband quickly (a little too quickly)pulled into the exit lane and was immediately stopped by a very young gendarme who didn't speak english. He asked in French if he knew why he was stopped and with hands and a little French from the back seat explained that we were trying to find the airport. He let us go but wouldn't you know that my husband was the one stopped, He, who was the only one going the speed limit, using his turn signals and letting others in (of course, they wouldn't jump in because they didn't expect to be LET in!).

This is the scariest part of the trip for me...people drive like maniacs on the Peripherique, motorcycles (we have one and drive very carefully) are whipping in and out of lanes and driving between the lanes on the line! We know why all the cars are dented and no one gets them fixed!

I felt lucky to get to the airport....

Ellie in Maryland (DC)