Subject: Re: Driving in Europe?
Hi Ellie,

Think that I had better do a rethink about driving on my next trip to Italy. I had wondered about all of the dings on cars there previously. Same situation as France do you think?

You have reminded me. In Italy in 1998, sitting coffeeing at one of those beautiful outdoor cafe's and just casually observing the passing parade as one will. One man, endearvouring to retrieve his vehicle from a parallel parking nearby was not the slightest bit hesitant on discovering that there was insufficient space between car front and back , to not so gently nudge the one in front then reverse at what speed into the rear one. No by your leave, kiss my foot, not even a flicker of guilt and off he went into the sunset.

Ah well, I think not. What do you think?

Regards, Carole, Mid-north of the East, Australia