Subject: Re: Favorite Museums--here's one in Florence, IT

Another small gem to add to the museum list is the Institute and Museum of History of Science (IMSS) in Florence, Italy. The first floor houses the Medici collection of scientific instruments and includes a room dedicated to Galileo's discoveries, and the second floor exhibits range from clocks and mechanical instruments to early pharmaceutical tools and a fascinating collection of obstetrical models illustrating the development of the fetus and the stages of childbirth. This museum provided us with a much-needed break from the glorious art of Florence and reminded us how important Italy has been to the science world. Here's a link if you're interested:

Of course, I can't depart without mentioning that Houston is the home of the National Museum of Funeral History. You can read all about it at the Roadside America site, which is worth bookmarking for future roadtrips around the US--it features all sorts of oddities and offbeat tourist attractions. (museum site)

Diana Ball near Houston, TX