Subject: Re: Where to retire?
My ideal retirement location would be somewhere in Mexico, preferably near the ocean. (I'm from Canada, too!)

We've made any number of trips to Mexico and I love the country and the people. There are now many convenient flights from major cities and you can also drive it if you wish. Medical care is cheap and very good (I've had experience with Mexican doctors and most of them are trained in Canada and the U.S. and they make house calls). Sanitary conditions have improved considerably since we started visiting. There are lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, chicken, beef, fresh fish. Rentals and outright purchases are also reasonable. For anyone considering such a move to Mexico, the best website around is

This website has any number of forums where you can get answers to a lot of questions. Another excellent sourcebook is the Pacific Mexico Handbook by Bruce Whipperman (Moon Travel Handbooks) which is a Lowell Thomas award winner. We also subscribe to a newsletter on retirement and travel in Mexico called AIM. Address is Apartado Postal 31-70, Guadalajara 45050, Jalisco, Mexico. Rates are $27.00 Canadian for one year or $19.00 U.S. Checks are to made payable to D. A. Lewis. AIM'S aims: to portray intriguing Mexico as it really is today - its places, living costs, adventures, frustration and fun - lightly salted with practical tips on how to cope for a week, a month or the rest of your life. The June-July edition features Cuernavaca, Morelos. If you would like this issue, I would gladly mail it to you if you send me your address.

Pat, Pain Court, Ontario