Subject: Re: Driving in Europe?

Yes, I was surprised by some of the results !

Seems it's safer to drive on the left, except in Ireland ........ and probably India !

Given the post quoting US around 150 deaths per million people it suggests you are safer in Spain or Italy than in US!

I too, wonder about the stats. But more people in US live in urban areas than Europe. Maybe the stats per m miles would be much the same.

Urban areas seem to have lots of small accidents, but less deaths.

Many of the stereotypes don't hold up ?

Ireland so much worse than UK Germany, safer than Denmark. France worse than Italy

I can explain some, having lived in the countries.

Sweden -

Low population / big country = low traffic density Good infrastructure Laid back lifestyle Caring nature Low speed limits aggressively enforced Almost zero tolerance on drink drive (0.2 ....... but UK = 0.8 ?) Winter driving on snow ensures good anticipation and control

Belgium (The most Northern latin country) -

Aggressive driving High pop density Fast roads traverse towns Much rain Alcohol limit 0.5, but not seriously enforced

UK -

Average represents South East Good infrastructure Heavy traffic Congestion Good road manners

France -

Excellent infrastructure (Autoroutes) Low traffic density Alcohol limit 0.5, but not seriously enforced Alternatives for long distance (TGV)

It is a complex subject ?

Does anyone have better statistics ?