Subject: Re: Driving in Europe

I have been fascinated with this thread and the comment re UK drivers being so courteous compared to others including USA drivers.

We have had many self drive tours throughout the USA and have found the other drivers to be just as courteous if not more so than UK drivers and that includes driving the I 93 through Boston!!

Drivers in the USA are wonderful in stopping to allow pedestrians to cross the road even where it is not a Ped xing!! Nothing like that happens here---just a grudging stop at official Ped. crossings!

The only thing I will say, however, is that USA drivers just don't know how to use a Roundabout (Rotary in USA speak), we drive in MA a lot!! I just hate to think how American drivers coming over here cope with them, as we do have a multitude of them. It just seems to be a free-for-all in MA.

Elma Richmond, Glasgow, Scotland, UK