Subject: Re: Driving in Europe
Free for all, or worse. I know of only one roundabout in the Los Angeles area. It's in Long Beach. I've been through hundreds of them in Europe, both clockwise (UK) and counter clockwise (the continent), and they work nearly perfectly. Sometimes when we're not exactly sure which exit we want, we go around more than once while we decide :)

I came across the one in Long Beach a few months ago, and as I was about halfway around, I see a car approaching the roundabout from the right, going about 30 mph - no sign of slowing. Sure enough I had to hit the brakes as he rocketed himself into the roundabout, apparently not having a clue that the car in the roundabout has the right of way.

That's the main difference between driving in the US and Europe. Most drivers in the US have little knowledge of how to drive. In Europe, there seems to be more daring maneuvers, but with skilled drivers. My guess is that European drivers either really learn how to drive or they stay off the roads. One of my favorite things to do over there is drive. The only time we don't rent a car is when we're in a large city for a while, where parking becomes more trouble than it's worth.