Subject: Re: airfares to Europe
Hello Evelyn,

I've previously posted some Web sites for looking up consolidator fares to Europe; rather than re-post a list of commercial sites, I'll direct you to this post in the archives: I haven't booked through any of the consolidator sites listed there. I understand that one established national agency I've used before has filed for bankruptcy; their Web site says online booking is unavailable but they will take phone calls.

I disagree with Debbie's blanket statement that consolidator fares do not qualify for frequent flyer credit; I have gotten FF credit several times on consolidator fares. If you're interested in getting FF credit, ask before you purchase if the fare will qualify. There's a rule of thumb that each mile is worth 2 cents, so if the round trip would be 10,000 miles and you're interested in getting these miles, it might be worth $200 more to buy a ticket with FF credit than one without, assuming the comfort and convenience are the same.

Andrew Missouri