Subject: RE: Vietnam Hotels
Hi Kate, We stayed at a great hotel in Hanoi called the DeSyloia: It's a small 'boutique hotel' in an area where many of the foreign embassies are and a pleasant walk to most of the main attractions. It is privately run and the staff are wonderful. We seldom eat in hotel restaurants but the CayCau has such a great atmosphere and delicious food that we had dinner there twice.

We loved Hanoi - it is totally different than Ho Chi Minh City. If there is any chance - I suggest you try to go to Hoi An and Hue as well. You can get a domestic flight to Denang (not worth a stop-over) and a bus to either Hue or Hoi An (in different directions). Both are fascinating. Also - Sapa, in the hills north of Hanoi, is supposed to be worth a visit too - we just didn't have time that trip.... have to go back!

Have a great holiday!

Judy in Hong Kong