Subject: Re: Lightweight Digital Cameras
Hi Lesley ...

Yes, I am a convert ... mostly. Every once in awhile, I will take my 35MM with all it's lenses, etc. on a trip, but more and more I just take my digital camera. My husband (who is an avid photographer using a Hasselblad) and I did a bit of research before buying me a digital camera in January of this year. Our choice hands down was the Canon Digital Elph (PowerShot S110). It is about the size of a package of cigarettes, is 2.1 mega pixels, has a zoom lens built in, and will also take short movies. I understand there is a more current model (don't know what the differences are) but from all I have read, I would purchase the S110 again. It takes beautiful pictures and takes up little space ... a real treat after the 35MM with all it's paraphernalia!

Cyndy - Pomona, NY