Subject: Re: Rome hotel
Dear Pam

In that neighborhood, I have heard good things about the Hotel Marcus, which is in that price range, but maybe a little more. A hotel for under 100 USD is a hard thing to find in Rome. I suggest a few things: a copy of Margo Classe's Hello Italy, which lists hotels that are inexpensive, and Sandra Gustafson's Great Sleeps, Italy. Both of these books give recommendations based on the author's personal visits to the hotels.

Also, the website

gives you the option to search Rome hotels by neighborhood, price and availability.

Also, I believe that a Ziner, Anne Woodyard (was it you, Anne?), stayed at a reasonable hotel near the Pantheon. You can probably find this in the archives. Try

I did a test, putting in rome hotel and came up with dozens of posts on the subject. I did not come up with the one from Anne that I thought I remembered.

Good Luck, Debbie in Pittsburgh