Subject: Re: Lightweight Digital Cameras (and Converting Slides)
Hey folks,

I too have been lugging my 35mm SLR with a heavy telephoto zoom lens along on trips forever, taking almost exclusively slides, both because of the lower cost, and the fact that I always seem to take a couple of hundred pictures on each trip.

I'm ready to take the plunge into digital, figuring that I needed to wait until the 3 meg digital cameras came down to reasonable prices.

Question: Does anyone have an opinion about whether the 3 meg cameras come close to the quality of slides, or do I have to wait another meg? Or is 2 meg ok.

Another question: Has anyone tried converting any of their old slides to digital? I have thousands of them, along with an old Bell & Howell Slide Cube projector. (Great technology, and I can store 40x16 = 640 slides in the same space as a Carousel. Unfortunately, Bell &Howell has long gone and when my projector dies I'm stuck.)

I've looked into scanners a bit # even finding some relatively inexpensive ones with small (4 slide) bulk loaders, but my gut feeling is that the quality wouldn't be that great and my PC would need a lot of speed and memory to do the very laborious job.

A few years ago I sent some slides to Kodak to convert to CD but I was very unhappy with the results (granted it was in the dark ages of digital imaging), and the cost (75 cents a slide! - obviously not a viable option.)

Anybody out there know anything about this, or am I destined to use a hand-held slide viewer forever?

Thanks, Al Sonoma, CA, USA