Subject: Egypt
Hi Ziners,

While I'm not doing any travelling in the immediate future, Egypt has always been on my list of travel destinations that I'd love to go to but just won't take the risk (An African game reserve experience is another). I've been reading Ziner posts and there's rarely a mention of Egypt. I've never considered travelling there for fears (irrational or otherwise) for my health and safety. My sister once took a first-class escorted tour to Egypt - saw the pyramids, had a camel ride, cruised the Nile etc - and she and her travel mates each ended up with a bad case of Pharaoh's Curse that took weeks to clear after their return to London. Not to mention any political unrest.

So this is a multi-part research question for the day I take Egypt off my never list :)

Would anyone share their recent Egyptian travel experiences - good and bad - with recommendations on the best and worst Egyptian experiences, how to maximise your safety, good health and enjoyment, and how to minimise potentially dangerous situations? And please feel free to let me know if my fears are stereotyped, ungrounded or out-of-date. (To narrow the field somewhat, I would be primarily be focusing on the main features of most escorted tours: camel ride, Nile cruise, the Pyramids, the Sphinx, and features of Ancient Egyptian History particularly pharaohs - I would also like to minimise travel on light planes!)


Megan Brisbane, Australia