Subject: Re: Egypt

First I must tell you that my Egypt trip was about ten years ago, but it was a year when they had a bad earthquake and a couple of terrorist attacks.

With that caveat, I say go! I loved Egypt and cannot wait for the day I can go back. Everything I have read from people who have been there recently is that they felt safe. There are police everywhere to protect tourists. They actually escort the buses. For up to date information, check out I must warn you that this is a web site by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism, but it has an incredible amount of information and links to other sites. Also, check out for a newsletter published by lovers of Egypt, who live both inside and outside Egypt.

As far as Pharoah's Curse, one can get that in a multitude of countries, albeit under different names, by being not careful about what and where you eat and drink. We were there for over two weeks without ever getting sick. My rule is the one put out by most travel medicine clinics: Drink bottled water, don't put ice in anything, don't eat uncooked salads, and don't eat fruit you cannot peel.

Egypt is awe-inspiring, and there have been many new finds in the last few years. Do take it off your never list!

Lisa in Chicago