Subject: Re: Victoria Island
You can take the Victoria Clipper right from downtown Seattle or you can take the train to Vancouver and the a BC Ferry to Victoria but that would be a real hassle since the ferry terminal is no where near downtown Vancouver and would be very difficult to get to while you can jump on the clipper right in Seattle.

Whatever you do, do not assume that a train ticket from Seattle to Vancouver is on a train. We found out that even though our ticket said Train #322 we were on a bus.

I agree that Butchart Gardens is phenomenal. There is also a scenic train that runs from downtown into the mining country that we liked. Another highlight for us was a walking tour with a genuine (retired) English bobby in full uniform. He knew everything. You can make arrangements for the tour right across from the Empress Hotel.

Have high tea a the Empress if you can and there is a wonderful tapas place on an alley about 6 blocks west that we liked so much we ate their twice.

If you would like recommendations on Seattle, let us know as we live there and love this place more than any other.

Jim &Kathleen in Redmond WA