Subject: Re: Lightweight Digital Cameras (and Converting Slides)
My father-in-law took my boxes of slides and scanned them, then sent them to me on CD-ROM. The quality is very good. He has a slide attachment for his HP scanner. We were looking at a Canon Canoscan (or something like that) to try it ourselves - haven't got around to it.

We now use the photos from our favorite old slides in our screensaver - it sure beats hauling out the projector!!

We've used a digital camera and scanner for a few years. It's small and light, easy to pack. The Smartmedia cards take up no room at all. On our last 3 week trip to Europe we took along the conventional camera too but hardly used it. We're ready to move up - ours is an Olympus D-450, 1.3 megapixels. We're thinking of getting the new Olympus D-40 -which is 4+ megapixels.

Best of luck in your search -

Pam Good luck!