Subject: Re: Victoria &Vancouver
Hi Shirley, Gary suggested that you search under Vancouver Island rather than Victoria Island which was an excellent thought of course. However I tried that in our archives as well as Victoria and Victoria BC and could't bring up anything which is quite odd as I know there have been quite a few posts including a couple from me(perhaps you and I are doing something wrong!) I did find a few posts under Seattle & Vancouver which may be of interest.

I have to agree with Michelle that a trip on the Victoria Clipper from Seattle would be great (passenger ferry only) as it goes right to the harbour and the return by BC Ferries to Vancouver is an excellent idea also. You can take a bus right from the centre of Victoria which travels with you on the ferry and goes into downtown Vancouver. You don't need a car in Victoria but if you want to travel around more of Vancouver Island than it would be best to have one.

If time is a factor, there are float planes harbour to harbour, Victoria to Vancouver and flights from Victoria airport to Vancouver airport.

I believe that Amtrak still runs some trains into Vancouver from Seattle but check that carefully as it is sometimes a bus that is used.We travelled Amtrak to Eugene last year and would strongly recommend 1st Class. Very little more money and the difference in leg room is quite amazing.

Lots of luck with your planning .

Regards Judy Abbotsford BC