Subject: Egypt link and the local ruler's curse.
I must apologize for one of the links I posted yesterday--the newsletter is no longer up to date, although I think you can search the site for old ones and there is much in Egypt that has not changed in thousands of years :-). The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism site is now actually better than it was a few months ago.

Megan, your sister's belief about where she picked up the Pharoah's curse is probably correct. It reminded me of boarding a boat for a short cruise on the Li River outside Guilin, China on which we were going to be served lunch. As we were boarding, they were washing the dishes in the river. The Li River is one of those that the local people use for all functions of life! Fortunately, lunch was a hot pot that was boiling furiously, so we did not worry about the bowls, and I had, for some reason known only to providence, brought paper cups from which we drank the orange drink and beer.

Lisa in Chicago