Subject: Archives: was Paris Help
Hello fellow Travelziners,

The recent flurry of posts regarding the archives should underscore how valuable a resource they are. Many questions which are put forth to the group have been answered repeatedly in the past. And these answers are available in the archives. And an added bonus of the archives is that the answers are readily available. There is no waiting for a reply.

Doing a little investigation in the archives can save yourself and the respondee a little time.

To access the archives go to:

Sign in; click on Messages; enter search query in appropriate box and click on Search Archives next to it; unfortunately the search engine only searches through sections of about a thousand messages, so, in order to search the complete archive it will be necessary to click on the Next button to cycle through it all.

Try it out. You'll be amazed at how much information there is. Plus, it might help to narrow your line of question to the group at large.