Subject: Re-introduction - California Z I N E R
Forwarded by Moderator - you're welcome, Elena! If it doesn't take us too far afield, we'd love to hear more...?

Hi everyone, Actually I'm not a new member. I just changed my first name and my e-mail address. You know me as Sandy from LA. I've enjoyed this list very much and have enjoyed sharing my travel experiences with the group as well as learning new places, things to do, sights and restaurants from all of you. Some of you may know that I keep extensive files on about 22 countries that I am happy to share with you. My name change came about because I had such an enlightening experience a few weeks ago that I felt it warranted a first name change, since I don't feel like the same person anymore. I chose Elena because an intuitive friend of mine several years ago told me that was my Universal name and I like it. Elena (Hoffman) (formerly Sandra Hoffman