Subject: Re: Egypt

my Egyptian experience goes back several years, but I'd be ready to leave anytime for that country. I've done almost all the stuff: Cairo (two different times, both on guided and independent tour), cruise on the Nile (a real treat), Abu Sinbel etc. I can confirm police is everywhere and all the tourists spots are watched. Security on domestic flight was very tight, the hotels and the cruise ships had private guards too, and they were almost quiet times. In any case I'd prefer to take a guided tour, both for security and arrangements. Some places aren't easy to reach or require extended planning, taxi drivers are very eager to help but also ready to take advantage on charging. As for most African countries, children, beggars and free entrepeneurs are everywhere, sometimes they are really harassing, but you have to cope with it. The not-to-be-missed flight to Abu Simbel was on Egyptair 737 jets then, so no fear of small rickety planes. The Nile cruise was really the highlight of the trip: apart for the side tours, the scenery of the river shores slowing passing by is something from another time (there's a picture of it on my site). Bye Paolo Trieste, Italy