Subject: American Canadian Caribbean Cruise Lines??
The other day, I saw an interesting-looking, small cruise ship pull into and dock right in Baltimore's Inner Harbor at the National Aquarium (the Port of Baltimore passenger ship terminal, where cruise ships dock, is located in the industrial, commercial area of Baltimore---not scenic at this looked particularly appealing). I went over and investigated and found it is one of 3 ships, 80 to 100 passengers, of American Canadian Caribbean Cruise Lines that cruise the Caribbean in the winter and along the NE coast of U.S. in the spring/summer/fall, going to Nova Scotia, to Quebec city, to Mackinac Island, to Chicago and other ports along the way on a variety of cruises. They are small enough to allow docking right in the heart of cities and at small places like Mackinac Island. Kind of intriguing for those who want to stay close to home and see parts of Canada and U.S. this year. Several friends I have mentioned it to are interested, but none know anything about ACCL. Do any of you Ziners have any personal experience with these ships or know anyone who has? Not even my trusty, long-time travel agent knows anyone who has been on them. I'd appreciate any information so I can pass it along. Cheers, Pat in Baltimore