Subject: [ADMIN] Complaints about Yahoo Ads....Ad Removal
Hi Ziners,

This is off-topic but useful. We picked-up this information in a listowners group we read:

There have always been complaints about receiving Yahoo Ads in group email messages.

If you change your Preferences to Receive TEXT messages instead of HTML messages you won't get those ads.

Since TheTravelzine group is set to strip attachments (and HTML is treated as an attachment) there is no reason for members of this list to be set to anything other than TEXT messages (60 characters per line looks best in the Yahoo message archive).

Another advantage: When you hit reply on a Text message the individual's email address is visible and it is much easier for you to reply off list when necessary... saves the trouble of checking the message headers (and reduces the embarrassment for those who don't know how :))

Do you have your Outlook Express set to respond with Plain Text to all messages? If so, then the above is what is expected to happen. However, if you have your Outlook Express set to reply in the format they were sent then you shouldn't... at least that's been my experience with it :) This helpful hint was directed at those who use the defaults and send/receive HTML all the time, even when not necessary.

This also makes it easier to Edit Your Messages (and thus makes it easier for the rest of the group to Read Your Messages, too :))

For those who need help Editing Your Messages, please check out this link:

To Edit Your Preferences for All your groups, go to:

To Edit Your Preferences for TheTravelzine group, go here:

In both cases select: [] Do not convert to HTML. Don't change the format of messages sent to me.

And click on Save Changes.

Please Note: This still allows you to receive HTML messages from groups that send HTML messages. TheTravelzine is set to strip attachments so by Converting to HTML you are asking Yahoo to place ads in your messages!

See for help in converting your email program to Plain Text messages.

Reminder: In Account information, EDIT your Marketing Preferences: OPT OUT!!!

As this is OFF TOPIC, please direct any follow-up or questions to Messages sent to that address will be answered by the moderator on duty.

Thanks for your time and cooperation, Don and Linda Toronto