Subject: Rome hotels

Since this topic is up, it occurs to me that I should be booking a hotel in Rome. I only expect to stay for one night before my return flight, so it shouldn't be a big deal. I've had enough frustrations finding places fully booked when I call once I'm in Italy, though, so it would be good to make an advance booking. Although I won't need to get to the airport as early as on some other trips, the only thing I'll do in the morning is go to the airport. So I'm interested in easy online booking and being walking distance from a train to the airport; since I'm not asking that much of this stay, it would be good to have a low price. I see a good selection of places on ; has anyone had problems with reservations booked through them?

When I've needed to get to the airport early, I've stayed in the Aventino area near Ostiense station; the hotels have been the Santa Prisca and Sant'Anselmo. I don't see online booking for the S. Prisca, and the S. Anselmo might be a bit far to walk to the station with luggage, although I'll try to keep it light. On Venere I see low prices at the Pensionato San Paolo and the Pyramid, which are closer to the station but on the opposite side of the tracks from the main entrance; is anyone familiar with these places or the ease of access to the station?

If I want to stay more centrally, I could consider the Termini station area, where another airport train leaves. I know the area isn't the greatest, I've been pickpocketed there, and the south side of the station is the worse side, but the airport train leaves from that side. With valuables well secluded I could hope to go the one block to the station without problems from, for instance, the Hotel Charter. The Ostiense area is probably better since I can manage getting around there on public transport, but I'm ready to consider all possibilities. Any comments on this or other approaches I can take will be appreciated.

Andrew Missouri