Subject: Capetown and Loreto
Hi Sally,

I grew up in Sydney and visit my family often. I have several family members who live on the North Shore(of Sydney). The area around the school is suburban. A safe and pretty outer suburb of Sydney. there is excellent rail to the city and for that matter the whole city system. Normanhurst is on the main route to the Central Coast and so road transportation (bus and car)is also good.

Having had a daughter who also ventured off, this is really a tame and safe place. I hope your daughter has the opportunity to meet Aussie families and see the many wonders of the area. She should find out about transport passes for students. A train will take her into the city in about 25 mins and then ferrys are a wonderful and inexpensive way to see Sydney.

Perhaps a visit to Sydney while she is there would be good for you. School holidays are different in the Southern part of the world so check it out.

Cheers....Gay LeJeune in Alabama for now.