Subject: Re: Como to Malpensa
Hi Callie,

I was one of those posting about Como last year, and we just got back from Italy. We landed at Malpensa and stayed at Como's Best Western Continental, a very nice, mid-priced *** hotel ($142 for the three of us in what was effectively a suite).

Because we went through Paris, we were on a domenstic (EEU) flight and landed at Arrival Area I, in contrast to International Arrival Area II. After not getting our luggage (a separate issue--we scored the grand slam of delayed luggage, having it missing on both ends of our trip), we went to a bus departure area. The one to Como was quite well marked, and the fare was on a par with that to Milan. Even better, the bus actually stopped at our Hotel, as it was on the way to the regular stop. The service was not as frequent as the excellent Malpensa/Milan service but it was not a problem _on arrival_. As I recall, the bus we took also made a stop at Area II.

Whereas arriving in Malpensa and getting _to_ Como by bus is easy, leaving depends on your flight time. Last year, we left from Como and had to take a cab because of our early flight departure (bus service from Milan starts earlier in the morning than service from Como). Although the cab fare was not cheap (around $60), the much lower cost of Como hotels and the accessibility of magnificent Lake Como (walking distance from the hotel) more than made up for it. Indeed, condider using it more than simply your departure point and stay a couple of days if you can.

For specific information about getting to Malpesna, go to The home page is (it allows you to select an English language version.

On a related point, we left from Florence's relatively small Amerigo Vespucci Airport airport (not the larger Peretola one at Pisa) for the Paris/New York leg of our return. It was quite satisfactory and we probably will use it again.

In sum, unless you have a reason to be in Milan (we met some perfectly wonderful academic colleagues of mine on our way from Como to Padua), go to Como.

Ira H. Bernstein UT-Arlington