Subject: Travel safety
I started started worrying about the security of my belongings when I was required to leave my purse at the x-ray machine while I was searched some 15-20 feet away. My purse could have easily been picked up by someone going through security and I would never have seen it happen. Although the security officer assured me that she would keep an eye on it, she was busy with other duties. My husband and I used to be very careful about one of us going through the metal detector first, the other putting our bags through and always having someone to collect our bags right there as they came out of the ray. This doesn't always work these days.

For our recent trip to Italy, I made a travel skirt. I extended an existing pocket in a black skirt so that it would hold plane tickets, passports, credit cards and money (bills only) - all the things that would make my life very difficult if lost. I then sewed velcro at the top of the pocket so that nothing would fall out and pickpockets would at least have a little trouble getting in. Since I put nothing metallic in the pocket, everything stayed on my person through security and boarding. It was a little bulky with all that stuff in it - I also put my husband's stuff in it - but as soon as I was settled on the plane, I put things in their proper places.

Now I always wear that skirt for traveling. Still haven't figured out a way to keep my luggage with me, but at least that's a little harder to just walk away with.

In her long black skirt,

Callie in New Orleans