Subject: Paris surroundings
Hello all

many thanks to everybody for your help about France, but I'm far from being through with it, so I'l summarize some question into a single message: -Vaux-Le-Vicomte: due to my schedule, I'll miss the fountains display but I'll be right in time for the candlelight show. From what I read between the lines on the website, there's a separate ticket for the night, meaning you have to pay TWO tickets to see the castle both in daylight and at night. Is it correct? - Every site with practical informations about France says autoroutes are very expensive. Since I live in Italy where autostrada is very expensive too (Trieste-Venice, 150 km, 6 euro), can someone give me an example of tolls? - I'll spend a lot of time on backroads; I have bought a large-scale Michelin Map but I'd like to know if in your opinion directions are well marked outside the autoroutes or I 'd better pack a compass (this time I can take almost everything, travelling with my own car!) - I booked, after many efforts, a little B&B, looking nice, in the town of Vaux-sur-Seine, west of Paris, not far from St.Germain-en-Laye and Pointoise. Anyone familiar with the area? The web has almost nothing about the town, and I was wondering about practical issues like finding restaurants or make shopping nearby.

Well, thanks in advance and get ready for the next batch! Bye

Paolo Trieste, Italy