Subject: Getting to Vancouver Island
Hi, I will add a bit to the information from our experience to Vancouver Island. I have enjoyed several trips there and have taken the ferry from several places. The last trip was a couple of years ago to spend Christmas in Victoria. We rented a car in Seattle and drove to Port Angeles and took the Black Ball. The drive was much easier for us because the traffic was not so heavy. I have driven from Seattle to Vancouver, crossing the border at a couple of different places and we had very heavy traffic thru the city. The nice thing about the ferry from Port Angeles is that it docks right in the center of the city of Victoria and was only a few blocks from out hotel. There are great places to vacation on north of Victoria on the Island as well. I really enjoyed having the web site of the travel writer from the Times. Thanks. That is a beautiful area that one would never tire of visiting. Evelyn, Tx.