Subject: Paris surroundingds and autoroute tolls
Hello Paolo, A good site to consult autoroute tolls (and other info) is If you select itineraire, fill in Menton to Paris (favoring autoroute -- to get an idea) the program will tell you that the route is 961 km, of which 953 is on Autoroute, at a total toll cost of 60,60 Euro. That is indeed a lot steeper than in Italy. But in France there are no longer annual car taxes. Off autoroute driving is very pleasant, but time consuming. In general, with a good map and time on your side, you should have few problems driving in the countryside. What is important: do not only look for signs with the name of the next village, but also the road number (RN for Route Nationale and D for route départementale). Various roads may lead to your next destination, but only one will pass that domaine you had planned to visit.

Getting out of larger towns however is often a great pain, with badly signed directions, except for those ubiquitous Toutes directions. Driving the countryside at night can sometimes lead to confusion, or worse getting completely lost.

Hope this helps, Frieda