Subject: Re: Autoroutes and awful journeys
Hi Paolo and fellow Ziners

I agree with everything Frieda wrote - I'm a big fan of Its an excellent site and you will know exactly how much the journeys will cost. Many autoroutes have toll-free sections (only short distances though!) Word of warning - try to never drive across Rennes - nightmare and hopeless signposting!

Thinking about autoroute driving reminded me of one of our trips to France when the French lorry drivers were blockading the ports and autoroutes in protest. We didn't even know if we were going to be able to get off the ferry at Caen! There was also a problem with petrol as the tankers couldn't reach the petrol stations.

The journey down to the Ardeche was pretty grim only alleviated by a kindly lorry driver who allowed us onto a completely empty autoroute when he saw our three sleeping daughters in the back of the car! We drove 110 miles and didn't have to pay as all the booths were empty!

So Ziners - what about your truly awful journeys!?

Apart from this one I'd like to nominate flying Tallinn - Moscow, Aeroflot, snowstorm (Tallinn),blizzard (Moscow), expired visa, vomiting next seat passenger and the burly, hairly-legged stewardess sporting a knitted woolly bonnet and a megaphone (!) who threw him a copy of Pravda and told him to clear it up himself! The best bit was the applause and sobbing as we finally landed at Moscow at the fourth attempt. Ah those were the days...

Still shaking at the memory..

Sally Somerset UK