Subject: Re: Awful journeys
Hi Sally,

You are a master at starting evocative threads! It's taken me all day to find the words to share an experience that still haunts me, and always will.

Picture this:

Greece: Don, a Boston driver who hasn't driven manual shift since his years in the military in his early twenties. A single lane road with no side barriers, muddy and slippery from the heavy rain, leads nowhere but up and there's no way to back down those curves! I am in the passenger seat having the only anxiety attack of my life! I wound-up on the floor, crying, had to get out at the top while he turned the car around. Somehow we made it down. G-d must have been there because another car started down just as we reached the summit.

Truly an experience we'll never forget. Surely we can't be the only ones who drove up to the wrong monastery!

Still recovering, Linda Toronto